Montag's Evolution
Updated: 11/21/2020
Montag's Evolution

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  • Introduction of Montag
  • Montag Influenced by Clarisse
  • Montag grows sick
  • The book tells us that Montag is a fireman. However, this isn't your normal fireman. His job is to burn books and catch the people that are reading them in this society. In the book Montag says that “It’s fine work. Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn ’em to ashes, then burn the ashes. That’s our official slogan" (Source 19). These people are authors of books that the firemen have burned, and because they remembered this, they changed it to their slogan as a fireman.
  • Montag Becomes a Student
  • On Montag's way home, he meets a girl named Clarise McClellan. She is able to change Montag's view on the world and actually question himself and what he says. He started to question himself about the questions that Clarisse was asking him. She thought that he wasn't happy and so he thought to himself, "Of course I’m happy. What does she think? I’m not? he asked the quiet rooms" (Source 22).
  • Montag Rebels
  • During the middle of the story, Montag starts to take home books and hide them in the ventilator along with all of his other books. He can't keep his secret from Mildred, so he shows her. He pulled out all the books without looking and, "when he was done he looked down upon sometwenty books lying at his wife’s feet" (Source 80).
  • Montag Finds Fulfillment
  • Montag keeps his hunger for wanting to learn more about books, so he then meets Faber. Faber helps him understand more about books and spread knowledge to other people. Montag says to Faber, “I need you to teach me" (Source 102).
  • Montag is able to rebel with the help of Faber and Granger. They rebel by bombing the whole society. Before bombing the society, Granger said “My grandfather ran off the V-2 rocket film a dozen times and then hoped that some day our cities would open up more and let the green and the land and the wilderness in more, to remind people that we’re allotted a little space on earth and that we survive in that wilderness that can take back what it has given, as easily as blowing its breath on us or sending the sea to tell us we are not so big.
  • After the bombing, Montag had to be on the run. Granger, Faber, and Montag all made a run for it to the train tracks to make it to the city. In the story, Montag says, "When we reach the city" (Source 180). He's basically saying that he will save the food he has until they all reach the city.
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