fractured tale
Updated: 3/2/2021
fractured tale

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time a young girl found a castle while on her stroll
  • hey its cold outside!
  •'re nasty
  • she came across a beast who only tried to be kind to her...
  • wow- thanks?
  • heres your room
  • ew-
  • but she was nasty, even though the beast offered her the best room he could find
  • after a while the beast fell in love with her and asked her to break the curse keeping him as a beast, he even dressed nice!
  • please bell kiss me so I can become a prince again
  • NO! your ugly and gross!
  • but she was too focused on how hiddeus he was! what a snob.
  • and in the end the beast ate belle because she was too snobby