Graham ward
Updated: 5/18/2020
Graham ward

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  • Please do not kill me
  • Why would I kill you?!
  • Yes, I thought that he was going to be a huge number because his y exponents absolute value value was 42 that day but turns out negative exponents make numbers into decimals and the answer was 000.42 because his x exponent was equal to negative three so he banished me.
  • Where you banished here by the evil y x10^-x too?
  • Its an honor to meet you sir, but with all due respect, can't you just punch a hole in the wall and fly us out of here like when rescued princess a^m x a^n= a^m+n. Isn't she named after thr part of a power to a power law where one variable times and exponent times the variable plus a different exponent equals the variable to the power of those exponents added together.
  • Who IS this guy?!
  • Just call him One Man, any scientific notation with a exponent of 0 Is equal to one, any fool knows that
  • This is ax10^0 layer
  • There you are!
  • Indeed, I was trying to make a truce with 1x10^-x but I offended him by thinking he would be a big number so he banished me here
  • Only one man knows where his base was, YOUR ONE MAN!!!
  • Oh, and her brother (a^m)^n= a^mn, who who is named after the part of the power to a power law where the variable is put to the power of one exponent in the brackets, then they have another exponent on the outside to put it to the power of that exponent and the answer is the variable to the two exponents multiplied by each other. The are sibilngs of the power to a power law, but they are nothing alike!