skin cancer
Updated: 3/12/2020
skin cancer

Storyboard Text

  • Hey do you have any sunscreen, I don't want to get sunburn on my head
  • No I don't, eh it'll be fine
  • You might think it's fine now, but once the UVA and UVB rays get through my hairless head, I can get skin cancer
  • No you won't, you're overreacting
  • No it might be fine now, but I have history in my family of skin cancer
  • Yeah, so that does't mean that you will get it
  • Yes if I don't do things like cover up my skin or put sunscreen on there is a pretty good chance that I will get it
  • Wait, wait, wait, my grandma had skin cancer, that means that I could get it too
  • Well anyone can get it if they don't take care of their skin, but if people have a history in their family of it then they have a higher chance of getting it
  • Wow, we should probably go get some sunscreen since we will be out here all day
  • Yes and the worst time of the day is between 10 and 4
  • Thanks for telling me that I didn't ever wear sun screen but now I'm going to wear it all the time