The doll's house

Updated: 5/19/2020
The doll's house

Storyboard Text

  • Meanwhile in Helmers' house
  • Torvald shouldn't know about that incident, he will be furious.
  • We must get a divorce. Such a woman has no right to raise children.
  • I have received a terrible letter, where is written that you are a scammer. It can destroy my professional reputation.
  • Sorry, Torvald, but I had no choice. I should had helped you in that terrible situation.
  • Sorry, Torvald, I wanted to say that I have no claims to your wife. She is free of obligations.
  • I' m tired to be just a pretty doll in your hands. You don't treat me as a human being. I can't have my own thoughts and views while I'm with you. So, I leave you, Torvald.
  • Dear Nora, we are saved. Don't worry, darling. I will help you.