History of Medicine: Wilhelm Roentgen 1845-1923

Updated: 9/12/2020
History of Medicine: Wilhelm Roentgen 1845-1923

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  • "Great discoveries are made accidentally less often than populace likes to think."
  • Wilhelm Roentgen, born 1845, was a physical and mechanical engineer. He made medical history by accidentally discovering the X-ray.
  • One day 1895, while Wilhelm was in his lab, he began testing if the Cathode rays could pass through glass.
  • HUH?
  • Roentgen was surprised when he saw a green light passing through the ray and projecting onto a screen.
  • As he continued observing the strange light, he noticed that any type of liquid cannot be seen on screen. That includes human skin as well, which showed the human bone. Due to him not knowing what the rays were called he named it X-ray.
  • Today, X-rays are used quite often when it coming to finding broken bones, tumors, swallowed objects and much more.
  • Nothing appears to be broken.
  • "I did not think; I investigated."
  • Wilhelm was praised for his discovery of the X-rays in 1895. His was so greatly appreciated that he was even awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1901.