Academic Dishonesty skit

Updated: 10/13/2021
Academic Dishonesty skit

Storyboard Text

  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Don't forget to do your 10 questions! Remember no cheating. Bye guys!
  • Would you consider this cheating? Yes or No?I would consider this cheating because they're working together on an independent assignment while also trading answers.Who is cheating in this scenario? Tommy and Chuckie are the ones cheating.
  • Hey Tommy, you want to cheat?I'll do five questions and you do five questions. Then we'll swap in the evening.
  • How did they cheat? Explain? They cheated by only doing half of the given questions and then working together and trading the questions.How would you handle this situation if you were placed in it?I would tell the teacher and try to convince them to not cheat again.
  • Sure! We'll meet a t my house at 7 to trade.
  • I can't believe Tommy and Chuckie are going to cheat. I'm not going to. Cheating is bad. I'll also tell my teacher tomorrow.