Updated: 2/23/2021

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  • Reunification under the Sui Dynasty
  • Wendi's Rule
  • I establishedthe Sui dynasty
  • In 581, a general named wendy overthrew the Han dynastyReunified ChinaPromoted Buddhism
  • My name is Yangdi, and i built the grand canal
  • The Grand Canal
  • Dynasty lasted from 581-611 A.D
  • Moved the capital to LuoyangRestored the Great Wall of ChinaBuilt the Grand Canal- 1200 mileslaunched unsuccessful wars against Japan
  • The Spread of Buddhism
  • Founded by Siddhartha GautamaTraders and Missionaries brought Buddhism to China- 1st century A.D
  • Buddhism in China
  • Buddhist Monk
  • Confucianism came back in the 600sBuddhism- moral behavior, downplayed importance of authority figures.Daoism- unity with natureConfucianism influenced the religious spirituality of buddhism and Daoism.
  • Impact on Confucianism