The Allegory of the Cave
Updated: 1/29/2021
The Allegory of the Cave

Storyboard Text

  • Three prisoners were chained down to the floor by their hands and feet since birth , the only sight these people ever behold is the shadows that are projected in front of them from behind them. If all they see is whats infront of oneself, do they see thy figures beheld in front of them as beings?
  • By Zeus! The sun must have made all this beauty.
  • Just standing here...
  • One of the prisoners is let free to see the fire of freedom, both litterally and figuratively. This man is left to be free from his chains, but will the light of fire keep thy man from knowledge? Will he crawl back into his chains of limited knowledge?
  • What?
  • No!
  • Guys! You should see outside!
  • The prisoner is now drgged out of the cave and into a new world of fresh ideas and experiences. This would come in time however, because the prisoner's eyes need to be tuned to the new brightness that awaits him outside.
  •  The prisoner is now free and can cope with the bright rays of the morning sun. The prisoner now understands the inner workings of the world and the things it has in store.
  • The prisoner tried to share his knowledge about the outside world to the other prisoners and to get them to go outside as well. But the other prisoners had other plans....
  • The prisoners rather not seek out for lnowledge, but be the smartest in the cave...