The birth of trade union 2
Updated: 2/5/2020
The birth of trade union 2
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  • Workers all over Canada, but especially in Winnipeg, joined together and refused to work. This was called the Winnipeg general strike
  • Winnepeg officials banned all parades and demonstrations. At the same time, the Canadian federal government changed the Criminal Code. Now any person born outside of Canada who was suspected of truing to start a revolution could be arrested and deported without trial.
  • Agreed. All in favour of restricting the human rights of freedom of speech and expression say "I"
  • This is outrageous! We can't allow them to do this anymore!
  • *Most people in unison* "I!"
  • The bosses turned to the government and RCMP for help.Violence erupted on June 21, 1919. This was called "Bloody Saturday."
  • The Central Strike Committee ordered the workers to go back to work.
  • Please go back to work.
  • Maybe we should think of some ways to prevent more strikes?
  • Although the strikes didn't work as well as hoped, they did lead to better pay and conditions for workers.
  • I guess it wouldn't hurt to pay them a little more...
  • Congratulation everyone, we prevented Communism!
  • Yes, we've definitely learned a lesson here. The workers need more money to pay for higher life expenses.
  • Hooray!!
  • Suddenly politicians began getting more involved with the economy
  • If you elect me, I will make your lives better! I will give you higher pay and shorter work days and all your dreams will come true!
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