Story for writing class
Updated: 11/23/2020
Story for writing class

Storyboard Text

  • Come on, my legs hurt already and I am hungry.
  • Oh cool, I am Athena, im hispantialistic haha, yea I know. We have to fight this.
  • Humans of this time period must be locked up.
  • I am Annie, me too haha. Sure wish we lived like the animals, this is crazy.
  • Hello planet of Animalrania. Humans are supposed to be free, animals are supposed to be caged. As for that, I, Giretra, Queen of planet Humagiva declares war.
  • What is she doing???!!
  • Are these robots trying to kill us?!!!
  • Oh my! Girl! You are gonna get us all killed! 
  • ..... get into the cage
  • ....
  • you won't get away with this. War accepted.
  • Is this really the end??