Updated: 3/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Julius Ceasar was a successful general and turned Rome into a large empire
  • For 450 years Rome has not been ruled by a single person
  • HA, HA!! I have helped to end the Roman Empire
  • Look at all the political leaders I have defeated
  • I will now take the role of a dictator and pick all the candidates for senate
  • YAYYY!!!
  • At the beginning of the play tons of people are in the streets celebrating because Caeser just beat Pompi
  • Julius Caeser was assassinated in 44BC
  • You too Brutus
  • Mark Antony ran away he sent me to ask you guys if it is safe for him to come back and ask what the reasons were for the assassination
  • Yes its fine
  • Should we kill Mark Antony Too
  • No that will be too violant