Pauvre Anne
Updated: 5/18/2020
Pauvre Anne

Storyboard Text

  • Anne is a 16 year old with long brown hair and blue eyes. Her dad is a garage mechanic named Robert, who cares about money. Her mom, Ellen, is a secretary for nurses at Mercy hospital and likes to nag at Anne.Her brother Don is annoying and her sister Patty is a clothing thief.Her two friends at school are rich. Elsa has a new car. Sara has new clothes.
  • She lives in the state of New York, and attends a small highschool called Middletown. Anne's French teacher, Mrs. Brode tells her about a trip to Belgium.
  • Anne goes to the airport with her family and friends. She flies to Belgium to find nobody waiting for her at all.She (somehow) manages to get to her host family. She doesn't understand a lot of the language. She meets the dad, the mom, and the 4 kids (2 male, 2 female).
  • Sophie and Mireille take her around town and she goes to the bank, park, pool, fast food restaurant, gym, and a store. Anne meets a girl named Bridgette at the gym. They work out for an hour then go to Bridgette's house.
  • Bridgette and Anne go to a party. This is 3 months later. They meet Richard there.HE TEACHES ANNE THAT HER LIFE ISN'T SAD AND SHE SHOULD SMILE. She dances with him
  • Anne bids goodbye to her friends, gets on the plane, and goes back to America. Her parents say hi.ANNE'S CRIPPLING DEPRESSION IS CURED!!!!!! She throws a donation party to donate clothes to the homeless (with the help of the school).