Russian revoloution
Updated: 12/19/2019
Russian revoloution
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  • Rasputin finally dies from drowning after surviving poison and being shot three times
  • October Revoloution- Vladimir Lenin (Leader of the Bolsheviks) Just returned from exile and decides to overthrow the Provisional Governement
  • Civil War- The Red army (Bolsheviks) were the communists and were opposed by the Whites who were anti communist and made up of Russians who wanted to restore the monarchy, supporters of the Provisional Government and capital democracy
  • The czar Nicholas II Gets rid of the Duma to keep all power
  • Bloody Sunday- January 22, 1905Peasants, industrial workers and others bring a petition to the czar that will give them more freedom but 500-1,000 unarmed people were killed
  • Lenin launched a New Economic Policy that allowed farmers to sell their extra crops instead of giving them to the government
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