The Odyssey Chapter 8 Three Women Watching
Updated: 3/5/2020
The Odyssey Chapter 8 Three Women Watching

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  • Look a man! I can finally have a husband!
  • Thank you for saving my life but can you help me get home to Ithaca?
  • Your welcome but no. This is your home now and I am you wife
  • Please! Go home!
  • This is good wine!
  • No we will not leave yet!
  • What a nice shirt
  • After drifting in the ocean for a while Odysseus had finally drifted to the shores of Ogygia where the sea nymph Calypso had found him.
  • Later that evening:
  • Please go home I don't want to marry any of you!
  • No you will marry one of us and we wont leave until you choose!
  • Yeah!
  • Meanwhile,on Earth:
  • Calypso took Odysseus back to her cave and waited for him to wake up. When Odysseus woke up he thanked her for helping him and asked if she can help him get home. She then told him that she plans on keeping him on the island forever to be her husband.
  • I cant take watching him suffer anymore! I have to talk to Zeus!
  • Back in Ithaca, Pelicata Palace had been infested with a bunch of suitors that were there to try and marry Penelope. Penelope begged them to go home but they all refused. Every day these suitors would eat and drink the produce of the island, using Odysseus' weapons and clothes and overall, they made a mess of everything.
  • Zeus, i know you don't want anyone helping Odysseus but he even turned down being immortal!
  • Fine! I will send a Messenger tomorrow!
  • As the months went by the suitor problem began to get worse and they all began getting annoyed that Penelope would not choose one of them to marry. So, Penelope told them that she would start weaving a wedding veil and would pick one of them when it was done, however every night Penelope would undo a line or two of the weave so it would never be finished.
  • I hope nobody sees me undoing this!
  • For most of Odysseus' life the goddess Athene had been in love with him. She had watched and guided him in the Trojan wars, helped him on his journey home and, she had been watching him live on the island for seven years. All of the gods were ordered to not help him until one day she had enough and decided to ask Zeus if she could help him.
  • Please Calypso let me go home to my wife and son!
  • I'm sorry I can't
  • One day Athene finally asked Zeus if she could help him escape. At first Zeus said no, but when Athene told him that he turned down the offer of being immortal he said that he would send a messenger to tell Calypso to let Odysseus go.
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