Conflict Resolution

Updated: 6/30/2020
Conflict Resolution

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Regina! Are you ready to go to the mall?
  • Hey Karen! Yeah I'm ready.....I'm so excited to go with you!
  • So lets go grab something to eat first and then shop cause then we will have the energy to roam around.
  • But hmm I don't feel hungry at all so can we please roam around first.
  • But Karen we had planned to eat brunch together at the mall.... and now I'm starving too!
  • They kept arguing about it until they reached the mall...
  • I'm really sorry Regina... I had completely forgotten about it
  • Let's not argue anymore.... It is my fault so let's just go get something for you to eat.
  • They later went to the cafe in the mall......
  • Yeah, your right.... I'm sorry too if i said something wrong.
  • Regina enjoys her food in the cafe while Karen talks to her friends on the phone
  • The food here looks really good....yum
  • Now we can go roam around
  • They enjoyed the rest of the day happily
  • Yeah lets go!