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Ancient china
Updated: 2/20/2020
Ancient china
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  • Abominations
  • Inventions
  • This nut is SoO gOoD I wonder if she's trying to steal it
  • HmM which way do I go i'm a bit lost.
  • Dyanasties
  • I'll Go clean the kitchen
  • This picture explains adultery this man is not her husband and she has realized she did the wrong thing this man didn't know she was married and now he's shocked because he found out her shocking secret.
  • Philosophies
  • This is nice and calming
  • This picture explains inventions because she's lost in the woods and the compass impacted our lives the most and so did the telephone but she forgot hers.
  • Geography (EXTRA)
  • This picture explains more of the wealthy people and the king and queen family. I had a big living room with some nice stuff because I couldn't find big houses. This represents it because they have a maid and they are wearing nice clothes and stacks of money and also because they have a dog.
  • Choice (EXTRA)
  • This picture shows the guy meditating and is being calm and this religion is Daoism.
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