Unknown Story
Updated: 11/11/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • hungry and confused johnny almost dropped his hot-fudge sundae when Dally said that charry (the socs) was on there side and was helping them (the greasers)
  • johnny and ponyboy start running to the church when they hear little kids screaming while the church is in flames
  • when johnny and ponyboy got the the church the door was on fire so they decided to break the window and they both climbed in they opened the one door and saw 4 or 5 little kids. one by one they gently dropped him on the ground
  • they heard sirens and thought they were going to jail but it was a soft and soothing voice telling ponyboy they were on their way to the hospital
  • while ponyboy was waiting for darry and sodapop to get there he was thinking about johnny and dally in the hospital rooms.
  • the doctor walked in and said that dally would be okay then followed that with IF.... johnny survived he would be in critical condition for the rest of his life.