How did he die?
Updated: 4/8/2021
How did he die?

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How did the Emperor Montezuma Die?

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  • Cortes and His team Argument
  • Gold!!!
  • Stop attacking
  • Stop Attacking they are my Guests
  • Cortes team went to conqueror them for money and riches
  • He fell
  • They found gold so they were gonna put it in their wagon and leave but they noticed that their was a little war outside between the Motezum and the Cortes
  • Small Pox
  • Montezuma told everyone that they were his guests and that they should stop attacking , but his people got mad and.....
  • How He Died
  • They hit him with a rock and gave him a head injury which caused him ti die and his own people killed him
  • Many of the Aztec ended up dying from Small Pox because they weren't immune to it while the others were and didn't die
  • I think that he died by getting hit in the head by his own people because he got angry at Montezuma "Both Spanish and Indian contemporary sources document that he sustained a severe head injury when one of his own warriors hit him with a rock thrown from a sling."