Modern Midas and the Golden Touch
Updated: 4/30/2020
Modern Midas and the Golden Touch

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  • Midas and the Golden Touch
  • by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Midas was a very successful man. He had a large house, and he was the mayor of his town. However, he was never satisfied with his money.
  • I am so rich. It's not enough for me.
  • One day, he found his old satyr friend, Silenus, wandering around his backyard.
  • Ah, understandable. Let me help you.
  • Silenus? What are you doing in my backyard?
  • I got lost. I am old.
  • Dionysus, Silenus' friend, thought Midas was nice and granted him the wish to turn anything he touched into gold.
  • Golden touch.
  • I will grant you one wi-
  • At first, he enjoyed it, but then he couldn't eat anything. Plus, he turned his daughter into gold.
  • I'm sorry for you. Go wash off in the local river. It will take away the magic.