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Updated: 2/27/2019
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  • Starting population
  • Overproduction
  • Variation & competition
  • The monkey species, oompa , lives in the savannah. The oompas are eaten by the lions
  • Adaption
  • More juvenile oompas are born than can survive in the savannah. There is not enough food or space for all the oompas to live. some oompas are eaten right awayby the lions 
  • Differential survial
  • Not all the oompas are brown. some oompas are born with red or pink fur. The oompas constantly compete to survive.
  • Differential reproduction
  • The red and pink oompas stand out against the area around them. This makes the lions be able to spot them more easily. However, the brown oompas can blend in with the area making it hard for the lions to spot them 
  • Because their color is an adaptation in the savannah, brown oompas are better at avoiding lions which makes them live longer than the pink and red oompas.
  • Only surviving oompas get to reproduce. Because most of those oompas are brown, they pass on their brown color trait to their offspring
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