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French Rev 1
Updated: 10/27/2020
French Rev 1
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  • Welcome to our Tuesday Party! We hope you had fun at yesterdays Monday Party!!!
  • All the royals do is spend, spend, spend.The French people don't feel their tax money is going to good use
  • WHAT?! We cant even get bread!!!
  • Maybe we should be our own government.
  • The People of France are fed up with the Royals, They declare themselves their own government
  • I Maximilian Robespierre on behalf of the third estate declare us the National Assembly.
  • The National Assembly is locked out of the Estates General, they aren't happy about it.
  • Let us in NOW!!!
  • Estates General
  • We want the Bastille!!!!!
  • The third Estate decides to show the Royals they aren't playing around. So they storm a symbol of hate and torture, The Bastille.
  • Once the Bastille is broken into the People behead the governor and parade his head
  • Parade the Governors head!!!
  • The third Estate wants to have what they are fighting for written on paper so The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen is written.
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