Treasure of Lemon Brown Part 2
Updated: 5/1/2020
Treasure of Lemon Brown Part 2

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  • "What was that,why'd you try to surrender.!! And what on earth..are you ok?"
  • "Yeah I'm fine boy. Good idea you had back there."
  • " How did you end up like this?"
  • Dad
  • "Hard times got me to this point."
  • "Well I have never heard of you."
  • "I was a blues singer. They used to call me Sweet Lemon Brown."
  • After the thugs coming in trying to take Lemon Brown's "treasure" Greg was still kind of spooked. Lemon Brown was as chill as ice. He mentioned how nothing was in pain because he's already been through it.
  • " Ummm..yeah I do but continue."
  • Yeah, I used... wait!! Don't you got a home to be at?"
  • At this point Lemon Brown is about to explain to Greg about his life story.
  • "Well the blues actually fired me. Ya see my wife died and then my son went to war and he died a her."
  • "Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhh"
  • Lemon Brown was a blues singer. He traveled all over Mississippi and as far as Monroe, Louisiana. He was also east on over to Macon, Georgia.Brown was surprised to know that Greg has never heard of Lemon Brown.
  • *Do do doooo dum*(the piano sound)
  • Lemon Brown suddenly got confused to why Greg ended up there but he didn't care because he knew he would soon leave. When Greg got questioned he sort of looked away as if he didn't want to talk about it.
  • "What lead you here and why you quit the blues?"
  • Lemon Brown traveled around to feed his wife and son. The blues didn't agree with him anymore and he didn't have an actual reason to do it. He soon fell under and hard times came.
  • Here is a dissolved flashback that Lemon Brown had when he was looking up into the sky while he was talking about how the blues gave up on him.
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