Unknown Story
Updated: 5/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • When jessy bring back aiden jayden's son together with her to her home her father is against her decision to save aiden. Finally, she leaves the house with him to a city to honour the promise given to aiden's father.
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  • 26 years later, aiden become a watchmaker. Aiden considers jessy as his biological mother.
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  • In a series of incidents,aiden finds the time travel watch which was invent by his father and starts to explore its powers.
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  • After explore aiden gets to know that its is a 24 time travel watch. He will excited after get know about the watch.
  • One day, he travel to the year he was born and get know that jayden and catherine is his real parents. He aso get to know that his father gave him to jessy who was a passenger in the train.
  • Ever after he know all about that he start to live happily with his unbiological mother jessy,who sacrifice her family just for him.