Social Contract by Maya Azzam
Updated: 9/9/2020
Social Contract by Maya Azzam

Storyboard Text

  • What do you think about the social contract?
  • What is the social contract?
  • An arrangement among the citizens and the government to obey the rules in replacement for social advantages.
  • What if we didn't have such thing as social contract?
  • Without the social contract we would've been living in an unsafe environment because we wouldn't be protected the way we are right now. Safety is very important and we need to live well and that's why we depend on the social contract. Therefor, without the social contract the country will be poor, unsafe, and short.
  • How did you agree with the government to follow this social contract?
  • As citizens, we gave up some of our freedoms in exchange for safety. For example, if someone commited a crime they will face consequences like going to jail so that the government keeps the other citizens same from the person who committed a violent crime It's a give and take situation.
  • This sounds like a fair contract that everyone should definitely follow!!!
  • As a citizen who lives in a country that follow the social contract, I feel so safe and I never have to worry about situations getting out of hands because we have laws and if they're broken, people will face consequences.
  • I can relate as well because after this conversation I definitely feel much safer than I did before.
  • I'm glad we have something in this country that does its best to keep us safe.
  • I wonder if they can put Lea( a bully) in jail for bullying me and making me feel unsafe when I'm around her.