My Comic for English Class
Updated: 12/6/2020
My Comic for English Class

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  • My dad was new to Richmond, VA
  • Less than halfway through his first year of high school, he was dropped into a different high school in Hartford, CT
  • He started high school at Douglas Southhall Freeman High School
  • His parents had recently gotten a divorce
  • He lived with his dad in Virginia
  • He was now living with his mother and his older sister. His mother was diagnosed with Type One diabetes and was sick very often
  • Finally ending the cycle, his dad moved to Southern California, my dad going with him. He found himself there for his junior and senior years of high school. He says that he never wishes anything like that upon anyone, all the moving lead to no friends and his family was poor. He said that he set a goal for himself, saying that if he ever had a family, he would get a good job and raise them the way he feels everyone should be raised.
  • He found himself back in Virginia, this time going to Lynchburg High.
  • Then back in Hartford again, with his mother
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