Articles of Confederation
Updated: 1/12/2021
Articles of Confederation

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  • Articles of Confederation The articles of confederation was an federal agreement with the states, it was their constitution. The federal government had most of the power they could coin money, declare war, regulate mail, oversee trades. The states could ratify amendments, mange health and safety, and tax. This was created so not just one person had all of the power.
  • Could not tax Congress did not have any power to tax their citizens, they could only request money. This was a problem because the states would not pay what was asked by the federal government.
  • Tax
  • Inflation Inflation happened when war debts were not payed off by printing money. This was a big problem because prices on goods increased and the money value went down.
  • We're ready to become a state.
  • Northwest Ordinance The Northwest Ordinance was a method to admit new states into the union territory. This process started with 5000 free men, once it reached that number they have to elect a territorial legislature. Then once the territory has 60,000 free men the legislature submits a state constitution to get approved to become a state.
  • Ok!
  • Religious Freedom and No Slaves One right that the settlers in the Northwest territory would have when they move into the union is they would have religious freedom. In the northwest territory slavery is allowed but once moved into the union or Northwest Ordinance slavery is not allowed.
  • State Arsenal
  • Shay's Rebellion Shay's Rebellion was multiple attacks government properties in Massachusetts to show how unfair the taxes were. Shay's rebellion exposed all weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation because it showed that it could not keep the states from making their own currency or trade.
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