Updated: 1/28/2020
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  • Will I ever get out of this house?
  • HONEY! Could you make me a sandwich?
  • It's with great pleasure that I announce formally that today is a great day for women. We've just ratified the 19th Amendment.
  • I've never worn a dress this short in my life..
  • Before people started fighting for women's rights, women worked as housewives, usually tending to their husbands' every need. They were presented as objects.
  • Where the hell is my wife?
  • Then on August 18, 1920, the government ratified the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. This switched something in the minds of the females in 1920.
  • Bring that giggle water over here!
  • Suffrage made women decide they would no longer be treated like objects, so they rebelled against what they had known their whole lives. Short skirts, short hair, drinking, and clubbing was the way of the new and improved woman.
  • You've been gone for hours so I had to make myself dinner. Where have you been?
  • Just out. You'll have to make yourself breakfast too. I have to leave early for work.
  • Many didn't agree with the new way women were living. Lots of people didn´t believe women should be voting, working outside the home, or living wildly. That never seemed to stop any of them though..
  • Women continued living on the edge by doing things like drinking at speakeasies or partying all night. Flappers were all the rave at these illegal bars, dancing carelessly.
  • The women of the 1920´s paved the road for where we are today. They fought for rights many didn´t know were even possible. Women continued partying, working, and crushing stereotypes to get us to the place we are.
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