Among the hidden
Updated: 1/15/2021
Among the hidden

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  • I like being on the farm
  • Why are they building houses
  • What if i get caught
  • No I have to go I have to find out
  • Luke is a third child that has to live hiding. He lives on a farm that his family owns he is able to go outside.
  • Where is jen she should be home
  • But many houses are built and many people are in the town now. There was not much food so the government made third children eligible so luke was hidden in the attic. The government formed a group called the population police so that there were no third children.
  • Open up population police
  • Soon Luke grow very bored and could not stand being in the attic. he found a vent in the attic that he could look through to the outside world so he looked. He saw many things but what caught his eye was the movement in the sports family house. That family wasn't home who was it could it be another third child he thought to himself. so he gained all is courage and went there he found a girl third child .
  • Bye
  • The girls name was jen and she had big plans to make them all free from hiding. Her plan was to rally all the third children to the government building and be holding signs. Luke didn't go because he was afraid
  • When jen didn't come back luke went to the sports family's house. Their he found the computer and then jen's dad jen's dad didn't know who he was so it took away to know what was happening but luke found out that jen died. Put then the population police came in the house so luke hid and when they were cone they put microphones on jen's dad so they could here. so jens dad gave luke a fake ID.
  • So luke is in a car heading to school for boys and his mom is very sad
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