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New Titles Project: Per 7: Mrs. Laguna's class
Updated: 9/28/2020
New Titles Project: Per 7: Mrs. Laguna's class
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  • Rain's Big Fall
  • “All right Rain, I’m admitting you now. We’ll operate in the morning. And I’ll call social services to see what arrangements can be made for your grandson” (Korman 9).
  • Cap's New Home
  • “Well Capricorn, it looks like you’re going to be staying at my house for a few weeks” (Korman 11).
  • Zach's Malicious Plan
  • "Never beforehad anyone screamed more the job of eight grade president like Capricorn Anderson” (Korman 17).
  • The title "Rain's Big Fall," best suits chapter one of Gordon Korman's Schooled because the main idea of this chapter is that Rain breaks her back from falling from a tree which sets off a chain of events that eventually causes Cap to have to attend the modern day public school. This one event causes Capricorn's to turn upside down. Rain is worried for Cap since he has no clue about the modern world which causes her and the doctor to have a huge wrangle about the situation. Now Cap has to deal with the modern world.
  • Description
  • Description
  • The title of chapter two of Schooled by Gordon Korman should be called "Cap's New Home," because the focus of chapter two is Cap will have to find a new caretaker until Rain recovers. Mrs. Donnelly the social services worked offers to take care of him since she has experienced the difficulties of moving to the modern world. Now it's Cap's turn to understand the modern day world with the guidance of Mrs. Donnelly.
  • Description
  • For chapter three of Schooled by Gordon Korman the title should be " Zach's Malicous Plan," because in this crucial chapter the main focus is that Zach has a plan to recrute the most hilarious loser to be Claverage's new school president for a joke.  He expects to receive plaudits for this idea while Cap has no idea what he's getting into.
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