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Updated: 10/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 2 Etruscan princes go to see the oracle of Delphi with a Roman man, Brutus, to see who will be the next kingThe oracle says that the next man to kiss their mother will be king. So Brutus pretends to trip and fall over so that he can kiss mother Earth.Years later, after he drove out the Etruscan kings, he becomes king
  • The next man to have authority in Rome will be the man who first kisses his mother!!!
  • During the Etruscan rule, Roman society was broken into 2 classes, Patricians, and Plebians.Patricians were the upper-class people and 95% of Rome's population while Plebians were the lower-classPatricians had more say in things that the Plebians
  • Law
  • The patricians didn't like the Etruscan's rule, so they drove them out.In place of a king, they created a republic, elected official work for the interest of the people ( only patricians )Senates had a lot of power ( a group of 300 men that the Patricians elected
  • The patricians didn't treat the plebians right, so they started rebelling.Angry because of their lack of power, the Plebians marched out of the city and camped on a nearby hill. The Patricians had no chioce but to comprimise.
  • Later a tribuner ( someone who spoke for the Plebians ) spoke for the Plebians rights to the senatePlebians gained rights but still had less powerSoon the laws were written down on tablets