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Civil War
Updated: 11/21/2019
Civil War
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  • Introduction
  • HI! I'm Faith and today I will be telling you about the civil war.
  • Cause of the War
  • Abraham Lincoln's election was one of the events that caused the civil war. Many southern states started seceding from the Union because they did not want to be under Lincolns control.
  • Start of the War
  • The confederacy attacked Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, starting the civil war.
  • The Civil war is important because the United States finally became one whole after the war. There was no more north or south, or the Union or the Confederacy. It was the United States of America.
  • Union War Efforts
  • The Civil war was fought because of opposing opinions on slavery. The north did not support slavery and the south were pro slavery. Lincoln's election was a cause of the civil war because southerns feared he would abolish slavery.
  • Confederacy War Efforts
  • Many southern states seceded from the Union forming the Confederacy. Soon after, the Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter, starting the civil war.
  • Legacy of the War
  • The civil war left a huge impact on America. It ended slavery and causes The United States to become united.
  • The Union's plan was to blockade any southern ports and take control over the Mississippi river. As well as New Orleans. They wanted to do this so that the Confederacy would not be able to access their supplies and any ports to trade.
  • The Union's plan was to take control over the Mississippi river and New Orleans so that the Confederacy would weaken.This was called the Anaconda Plan.
  • The Confederacy was low on supplies and had a lack of ammunition. They also feared that with the double blockade came the death of New Orleans. They also burned all of their supplies because they feared that when the Union attacked they would take all of that to their advantage.
  • The Confederacy had lost hope, they had a lack of food and ammunition. The decided to burn all of their supplies so that when the Union attacked they couldn't use them to their advantage.
  • The civil war left a big impact on history. After the war, the country was left with death, destruction, and a lot of fixing to do.
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