Socials Studies China final project
Updated: 1/24/2020
Socials Studies China final project
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  • Sorry Sir.
  • Work Harder!!
  • It is okay. I will never stop loving you.
  • My father has arranged me to marry some guy I cant even meet before I actually Marry
  • Under Communism People will be equal and I want you to Join me.
  • Laws and government will change and you will even have choice of Marriage
  • NO!
  • Yes. We want to be able to work for ourselves. Not a landlord.
  • Sheng Chao was a very hard-working peasant who worked on the land of a ruthless landlord. He received little pay and has been working for almost all his life.
  • I am so happy we were able to marry. We now even have a big home in Beijing.
  • Yes I am very thankful. But I recently heard that we might soon run out of food.
  • However, the landlord's daughter, Lin Li was the only reason, Sheng even continued to work. She was his love and he was hers. But she was arranged to marry somebody else.
  • Don't Cry
  • Hopefully food does not run out. I cannot bear to loose this.
  • One day in 1947 a communist named Mao Zedong came to the land. He spoke to the peasants about equality among people and arrested Shengs Landlord.
  • Soon after Mao came Sheng Chao was able to get new clothes, marry Lin Li and decide to follow Mao's directions and move to Beijing. The two were even able to have a child which they named Sheng Jun.
  • The family lived very happily as Sheng Jun slowly grew older. But the rumor of a famine continued to spread. Thankfully Mao Zedong reassured the people in the city that food will not run out and that the Peoples Communes produced even more food than needed.
  • After the Great Leap Forward came to an end after many years Sheng Jun was called upon to become a Red Guard during the Cultural revolution. He came home one day talking to his parents about getting rid of the olds. However, his parents stopped him and he became furious.
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