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Howard University Middle School Project | Personal Hygiene
Updated: 5/6/2019
Howard University Middle School Project | Personal Hygiene
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Due: 6-29-19

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  • Morgan: Hello Jordan, what is that smell? Jordan: I don’t know?
  • Morgan: When’s the last time you took a shower or a bath? Jordan: A month ago? Why, what’s the problem?
  • Morgan: You should take a bath at least everyday or your gonna get lice and bugs in your hair, skin, eyes, And even die from low hygiene. Jordan: Thanks for telling me Morgan, I’ll start doing that more frequently!
  • Morgan: Before you leave here’s some stuff that’ll help you with your hygiene. Jordan: Thanks Morgan. Next Year,,
  • Morgan: What’s that smell, it smells like lavender. Jordan: Oh, your talk about me. It’s a body spray that I got myself today, it’s smells so good, doesn’t it?
  • Morgan: I’m glad you listened to me. Jordan: Next time when somebody else needs help with there hygiene I’ll help them. THE END,,
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