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Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Sir your total bill is $54. Sir are you storing for the nuclear attack, do you beleive ti will take place?.
  • Well If i am being honest here, I do think so according to the situation our country will be the victim. But who know what would happen at any moment?.
  • Yes sir, I beleive so too. But maybe it will change, maybe there wont be any war, maybe our country wont be the victim?
  • Yes you are speaking the truth howevr as a person from forces, I strongly beleive that there will be one. Oh well , i better leave now.Bye
  • Well there migth eb a war, so It is better that I am preparing for my survival, ah I just wish sometimes I could rule the world and just stop these things from happening, but ofcourse I cant!.