bermudas right triangle
Updated: 2/10/2021
bermudas right triangle

Storyboard Text

  • you need to help me find the exact angle we need to go
  • hey can you help me get home i crashed my sleigh
  • lets go check it out
  • all i know is that there's another island straight north from here for 12 miles
  • using this rule i know we can say when one side is 12 the hypotenuse will always be that same number but with root 2 making it 12 root 2 distance and using inverse cos we can determine the angle we need to travel at is 45 degrees southeast
  • i don't know where i'm at but i heard cyclops are good at math
  • oh what now do you know what length i need to travel
  • using the angle from last time i can use inverse sin divided by 12 over 12 root 2 to find you need to travel at a 45 degree angle
  • your halfway there go another 6 miles and you'll be there
  • i think im lost
  • Oh No! knowing the other 2 angles are 45 degrees were stuck in bermudas right triangle