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Updated: 12/12/2019
Unknown Story
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  • New York was one the most populated colonies because it was known for New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam was a port that the English captured by sending warships into the Hudson River. New York also had many other river which helped the colonist to trade items.
  • Welcome to New York
  • We may look weird, but this the type of clothing that we wear.
  • Hi, today I am going tell you why you should move to New York. New York is a beautiful colony with acres of land, and ports to trade.
  • We have to work super hard in order to earn money for our families.
  • Many colonists were farmers or master's of apprentices. They had to work super had to keep their family going.
  • One way for us to earn money was to plant corn in our plantations or any other type of plants
  • Another way for us to earn money was to trade our items.
  • What did you get! What did you get!
  • Some farmer's used to trade their crops or sell them. Almost every farmer grew a surplus to do that.
  • Let's go, I traded my corn for lumber, metal, and clothes.
  • "Ahh", I finally finished building my house. Now I can finally rest.
  • Most of the houses in the colonial times were made out of wood, and were not as good as modern houses. There was usually only one or two room because it was easier to heat a smaller space
  • It's so dusty. I don't want live in here
  • It looks pretty good to me . I guess we could both live in it with our kid
  • I am at school. In school, we learn reading,writing and ciphering
  • Kids in the colonial times went to school for six days a week, but did not go for a full years because they also needed to learn house hold chores or become a apprentice for someone.
  • All right students, let's head to our two room school house.
  • " Uh, Oh!", I forgot my homework
  • I am flying a kite for free time. After this, I am going to play Jack Straws and Five Stones
  • Many kids in the colonial times loved to have fun. They would play Tag, Jack Straws, Five Stones, and with Dolls.
  • I wish I had a kite, but at least I am able to play tag and have fun with my dolls which are made out of corn husks.
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