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Updated: 3/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Midas and the golden touch
  • King Midas was a blessed rich King. But he wanted more, he always wanted more!
  • Snort... Snort....
  • That better not be a servant sleeping on the job!
  • Snort...
  • Is that a Satyr?!
  • A Satyr is half beast and human, and often connected to the god of wine.
  • I could get a reward for my "kindness." I might even get a wish from Dionysus himself!
  • He kept the Satyr for 10 days. And on the 11th day took him back to the gods.
  • He skipped with glee around his palace. Until he tried to eat his grapes. Poof, gold! He cried and wept when his daughter came to comfort him. She to was touched and turned into a beautiful golden statue.
  • Oh no!
  • After the Satyr was returned. Midas was granted the wish of a golden touch.
  • Midas had made grave mistake. He begged Dionysus to free him from the spell. The god told him to was his hands in the sacred river (river Pactolus) .