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Updated: 1/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • King Cobra
  • One species of cobra does not have fangs so it has to resort to constricting it's prey or strangling.
  • The other, has venomous fangs that help it kill prey more efficiently and quickly.
  • Here are the same species of cobra that each have different variation for catching prey
  • Yay! Freedom!
  • Venom is a more effective way of killing since all the snake needs to do is bite its prey and the venom is inside of them doing the rest. Constricting on the other hand takes longer because you have to first catch the prey, then squeeze it until it is dead, then swallow it whole. The entire time this is happening, the prey could get itself loose and escape.
  • Well, goodbye world!
  • I hate this world. Why did my prey only figure out how to evade consumption by me. My ancestors will not be able to survive and reproduce with traits like constricting.
  • I am so grateful my prey haven't found out to avoid getting the venom in their body once I bite them. Now my kind will thrive.
  • After a few years
  • These fangs mean everything to me. I don't know what I'd do without them
  • Note: No living organisms were "harmed" in the making of this.
  • Not to be biased but pick the one on the right, if you do, you know you made the right choice.
  • Who will you choose?
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