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Updated: 1/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Women
  • African Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Eleanor Rooseverlt helped in the advancment for women telling the presdien, that more women should be in goverment positions. However women with jobs where pressured to leave so men could take there place.
  • Mexican Americans
  • The work-relief programs helped many african americns like the ccc and the wpa, and well educated african americans got some goverment jobs. Still they were oppresed many new deal agencies practiced racial segration.
  • The New Deal brought forth the Indian Reorganization act allowing tribes to establish there own goverment. However they were not really lifted out of poverty
  • The AAA which payed farmers to not grow crops led to many laborers jobless, leaving them to relocate in citys and relying on work-relief programs. Many mexican laborers could not apply for work-relief and were deported with there cildren who were born in the u.s.