The bird and Cookie
Updated: 2/12/2020
The bird and Cookie

Storyboard Text

  • Byron Chucks another cookie at the bird.
  • I love these birds!
  • I couldn't believe it the bird didn't move!
  • You hit e'm! Byron I can't believe you hit e'm.
  • Byron kept throwing cookies at the bird until...
  • Get out of here! Get out!
  • Byron killed the bird and started throwing up.
  • (Throwing up)
  • Look By! You killed him!
  • In a panic Kenny ran out of there afraid and worried about Byron.
  • I better get out of here! By seems very serious!
  • Kenny was confused so he took a break and decided he wanted to go back
  • That was weird! I wonder what he is doing.
  • Kenny couldn't believe it! Byron made a grave for the bird!
  • Haha! Byron (Daddy Cool) feels bad about killing the bird!