PDHPE - Risky Scenario part 1
Updated: 3/11/2020
PDHPE  - Risky Scenario part 1

Storyboard Text

  • Emma was at a friends house for a BBQ in the backyard on a Sunday afternoon, the weather wasn't the best but she just went to spend some time with her friends. Not expecting to have any alcohol she drove herself there.
  • While she as there her friends were drinking but she didn't want to as she had school in the morning and had also drove herself there. Her friends tried to convince her many times and she kept saying no until she just thought one or two wont hurt.
  • After having two drinks it started to rain so they moved the BBQ inside, Emma decided that once everyone was inside she will go home as it is getting late and she is tired and needs to go home and get ready for the week at school.
  • She thought to her self that she probably shouldn't drive home as she has had 2 drinks so she would be over the limit and it was also raining and she hasn't been on her "p" plates for long so still isn't the most confident in the rain. She thought about calling her parents... but they would be mad about having to come and get her because the rule was that she couldn't drink because she had school the next day
  • thinking that she was okay to drive because she felt fine, it was to far to walk but only a short drive and didn't have another options to get home she decided to drive home. it was raining and wet. while on the way home she got pulled over by the police, they breath tested her and the reading came back at 0.07... over the legal limit for full licence let alone way over the limit for 'p' platers.
  • the police move her car to a safe spot and she has to go back to the police station and her parents come and pick her up and she gets in more trouble for getting arrested than she would have been if she had just called her parents and asked them to pick her up from her friends house. she now realizes how it would have been safer and a better option to just ring her parents first, instead of taking so many risks.