Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • After one of his friends was captured by the British Francis Scott Key went to where Dr.Williams Beanes was located on a ship to negotiate his release.
  • If you let Dr.William Beans go i will take his place.
  • The British Wouldn't let Key and Beanes go until after they bombarded Fort McHenry.
  • No need to do that we will let both you go after we take care of business.
  • Kay watched the bombing campaign unfold from aboard a ship eight miles away.
  • After a dat the British were unable to destroy the fort and gave up.
  • 24 hours later
  • Let's get outta here!!! We can't beat them!! :(
  • Key was relived to see the American flag still flying over the fort and quickly penned a few lines in tribute to what he just witnessed.
  • Phew the flags still there
  • The Star Spangled Banner was originally called, " The Defense of Fort McHenry." Its set to the tune "To Anacreon in Heaven."
  • The Defense of Fort McHenry