The Mak of the read death
Updated: 1/28/2021
The Mak of the read death

Storyboard Text

  • Context: "It was in the blue room where stood the prince, with a group of pale courtiers but his side. At first as he spoke, there was a slight rushing movement of this group the direction of the intruder"
  • Symbolizes how at the start of life, You are already dyeing. 
  • Context: "It was in this apartment, also , that a there stood against the western wall a gigantic clock of ebony."
  • Theme: Time constantly passing pausing everyone in place getting closer to the end.
  • Setting: Displaying the gothic presence and deaths door.
  • Context: "The seventh apartment was closely shrouded in black velvet tapestries that hung all over the ceiling and down the walls, falling In heavy folds upon ta carpet of the same material and hue. "