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Updated: 10/28/2020
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  • Unfortunately, I need money and ships. I already asked Genoa, England and Portugal, but they denied. The king and queen of Spain are my last hope.
  • I am Christopher Columbus and I'm going to sail to the west, to find a faster route to the spice islands.
  • 1492.
  • Honey, I think this could really work. We should definitely finance the trip.
  • Greetings, king and queen. I have a plan to find a faster route to the spice islands by sailing to the west. I ask of you to finance the trip, because I can't do so myself
  • I don't think this is going to work. I'm not interested
  • Fine, ill agree to finance this trip.
  • We have set sail to the west. I hope this journey will be a success.
  • Well, I'm sorry to tell you but there are no spices here.
  • Hello, me and my crew have come here to look for spices.
  • Yes! We finally made it to India, lets meet these Indians.
  • How unfortunate that there are no spices. Although, we will definitely check out that island you mentioned.
  • But there is gold to be found on a bigger island, not far from our own.
  • When Columbus returned to Spain, he had told the king and queen he couldn't find any spices or gold. He said he would go back and search again, and he did it three times before he died in 1506. In 1502 Amerigo Vespucci discovered that Columbus had not found a sea route to Asia, but a New World. In 1507 a German cartographer used Vespucci's First name for this New World: America.
  • This is Hernan Cortes, he was one of the Spanish conquistadores (conquerors). He went to America and attacked the Aztecs because he heard of their riches.
  • He and his army defeated the Aztecs and built Mexico-City on the remains of Tenochtitlan, the largest Aztec city.
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