Updated: 3/2/2021

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Storyboard Text

  • Hey kid you want some pills?
  • C'mon man they make you feel good!
  • Ill think about it and come back.
  • In this scene the kid is offered an unknown pill and walks away to think.
  • *turns around and walks away*
  • The kid goes over his options and decides to go ask his friend for advice.
  • Or the pill could get me in a lot of trouble and maybe even kill me I should go ask my friend.
  • What should i do? I can take the pill and try it, it could be a lot of fun.
  • In this scene the kid goes to one of his friends.She recommends to go to the police and report the man.
  • You're right and some other kid could take the pill and get hurt ill go report him
  • What should i do? This guy asked if i wanted some pills on the street.
  • Go to the police! You dont know what that pill is and could put you in danger.
  • Do you want the pill or not?
  • The kid goes back to the guy and declines his offer and then makes his way to the police station
  • No im okay the pill could put me in danger.
  • hey officer there is a man on the bench over there that is offering pills to people that walk by.
  • In this cell the kid goes to the police to report the man that is selling pills.
  • Okay! We will go investigate the man. Good choice declining the pills!
  • Your welcome officer
  • We got him, he was selling pills that could have killed you thank you for reporting him!
  • The police goes to the bench and finds the pills on the guy sitting there and gets arrested.