historia the familia comun

Updated: 8/5/2021
historia the familia comun

Storyboard Description

una familia tienen pequeña aventuras juntos

Storyboard Text

  • very god dad and I'm happy because it's my first time in a big bus station and best thing is that we're going to see a landscape, let's go , mom, I must have been wainting a long time
  • Hello son , how was school? I also wanted to tell you that we are going to see a landscape whith your mother and she is waiting for us at the bus station.
  • hello dear hello son i was wainting for you dear you have to go where the lady to buy the travel tickets buy some to go and return
  • hello mom
  • hello dear it's coming, wait here
  • yes. i'd like a round-trip ticket to landscape in washingtong dc, plese.i'm coming back now.Here you are.thanks.
  • hello can i help you.when are you coming back?.ok. That's 54 dollars, plesethanks. Here's your ticket and change.have a good trip.
  • three hours later
  • if it is a son, it is beatiful, it is quiet day as a family so we can have experiences together and connect as family but in while we must go home because we are late
  • one hour later
  • the landscape, mom, is beautiful, so good that we came like that, it's quiet and peaceful day
  • That's right, son, we're already late so we have to go home in a little while longer, so let's enjoy this beautiful landscape that your father and me programmed.
  • today was a tiring day but fun lets's all rest