Comic book strip
Updated: 2/5/2021
Comic book strip

Storyboard Text

  • Sounds good to us!
  • hey guys! Thanks for coming. SInce you guys have been so nice lately, I thought I could re-pay you all with a dinner!
  • oooo yeahh, that sounds really good!
  • how about ramen or chinese food?
  • i'll get straight to it then!
  • So what do you guys want me to cook for dinner?
  • *Begins cooking*
  • *They all start to eat*
  • 10 minutes later....*Grace starts choking**Dave starts the heimlich*
  • Thankfully, Dave knew the heimlich maneuver because no one else knew it. Today was a scary day for Grace and after this experience Dave decided to teach everyone what to do in a situation like that. Now they all know and are prepared for the future.