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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/26/2020
Unknown Story
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  • That man across the street is doing drugs its making me sick *sobs*
  • what's wrong Darling?
  • I'm So Bored I wish i could go to a Party.
  • Who Are you Get Lost!
  • *whispers* Ay yo Bob Calm down bruv we can easily sell him the good
  • What Do You Want?
  • Alright We got a Party Next Week you wanna come?
  • I'm So Bored I just wanna go to a party or something new 
  • What ever I thought you guys were brave, I'm gonna go by myself
  • Guys Do you wanna come to a party with alcohol and drugs this weekend it would be lit
  • Don't go its very dangerous and you can get addicted easily
  • Nah Bro Drugs ain't cool i recommend not going
  • Taking Drugs and doing bad things can make the community an unsafe place which influence younger kids which look up to you
  • Hey Take Some of this it will make you have a good night no cap
  • Thanks for inviting me what is this stuff anyway?
  • Yo Wassup
  • Don't talk to random strangers and don't go to places you don't know
  • QUICK! get him in the ambulance he is in a severe state
  • Take advice from friends and listen to them instead of ignoring them and be mindful
  • I'm so sorry Guys that i made you coem down here I should of listend to you
  • Don't take anything from anyone without knowing what is inside it or if it is opened always learn to say No and stick up for yourself
  • Don't worry just take it
  • Always go to party or club with friends as you don't know how you act when you are drunk or on drugs aswell as having peers to stop you and help you
  • Don't Do Drugs as you can be seriously injured and possibly die.
  • What Happend to him?
  • We found him in the parking lot overdosed on drugs and alcohol, he could o died
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