Helena"s math Direct proportion
Updated: 2/23/2021
Helena"s math Direct proportion

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  • okay, Let's do this!
  • help me with my diary project, okay?
  • I'm not sure..
  • are you curious why if we do this together it will be finished faster?
  • maybe because it is fun so it is fast?
  • I don't think so >.<
  • 3. yes, Daniel said that when he works alone, he do it for more than 3 hours, but when I come to help we finished it for 1 hour!
  • 1. what's up? you look confused?
  • 2. we are confused why it is faster making my diary with two people than when i'm alone
  • Now we get it.. thanks!
  • simple! it is about direct proportion. you'll be doing the activity faster when there are more people in it
  • you're welcome
  • thanks for today, Jen!